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Attention Local Football Clubs and Their Media Teams!

As part of our continued efforts to promote non-league football in our area we are striving to grow the accessibility of the game and get as many eyes onto our excellent local scene as possible. Therefore we are proposing (with the help of our local clubs and their media teams) to create a “Match of the day” style weekly highlights show – without the punditry that we all fast forward through!

An online YouTube show exhibiting our clubs, their players and the great standard of football (that can be experienced at bargain prices) is our aim. Football clubs and their media teams work incredibly hard in voluntary roles to create great highlights packages and our belief is that through collaboration we can experience increased engagement across our clubs further growing interest from our local communities without the volunteers having to commit more time than they already do. Over the last few years our clubs have seen greater numbers of fans through their gates, and we firmly believe this is down to an increased number of football fans being made aware of the magic that is on their doorstep! Over 70,000 fans visit our local professional clubs and we are sure that more would e interested in supporting their local non-league scene if they knew more about it.

An example of what we are looking to produce on a weekly basis can be seen in the video below. We are opening this invitation to all clubs in our local area including Grassroots clubs playing in the Sheffield and Hallamshire league. If this is a project you would like your club to be involved with then please get in touch using the contact options below.

The SheffieldFootball.com Team Contact us via our email

footballsheff@gmail.com Contact us via our twitter page @FootballSheff

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