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August Fixtures/Results!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The Season is BACK! Here are the upcoming fixtures for our local clubs in July and August! (Fixtures subject to change)

Sheffield FC

14th August 3:00pm Tadcaster Albion (A)

2-2 Att 286 D

17th August 7:45pm Worksop Town (H)

0-3 Att 424 L

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round Sherwood Colls (H)

1-2 Att 449 L

23rd August 7:45pm Brighouse Town (A)

2-2 Att 210 D

28th August 3:00pm Birdlington Town (H)

3-0 Att 244 W

30th August 3:00pm Lincoln United (A)

Frickley Athletic

14th August 3:00pm Hebburn Town (A

) 0-1 Att 452 W

17th August 7:45pm Brighouse Town (H)

2-1 Att 207 W

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round Sunderland RCA (H)

0-3 Att 156 L

24th August 7:45pm Lincoln United (A)

1-0 Att 143 L

28th August 3:00pm Tadcaster Albion (H)

2-0 Att 184 W

30th August 3:00pm Worksop Town (A)

14th August 3:00pm Stockton Town (H)

0-0 Att 261D

17th August 7:45pm Ossett United (A)

3-0Att 416 L

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round Handsworth (A)

5-2 Att 189 L

24th August 7:45pm Liversidge (H

) 0-3 Att 177 L

28th August 3:00pm Pickering Town (H)

3-2 Att 131W

30th August 3:00pm Yorkshire Amateur (H)

Hallam FC 31st July 3:00pm Nostell Miners Welfare (A)

3-3 Att 147 D

11st August 7:45pm League Cup first round Brigg Town (A)

2-1 AET Att 205 L

14th August 3:00pm Rainworth Miners Welfare (A)

Match Abandoned

17th August 7:45pm Rossington Main (H)

2-5 Att 293 L

21st August 3:00pm Brigg Town (A)

2-1 Att 261 L

24th August 7:45pm Hall Road Rangers (H)

7-0 Att 352 W

28th August 3:00pm FC Humber United (A)

2-9 Att 104 W

31st August 7:45pm Retford FC (H)

Handsworth FC 31st July 3:00pm Silsden AFC (H)

4-2 Att 162 W

7th August 3:00pm FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round AFC Mansfield (H)

2-0 Att 168 W

11st August 7:45pm Grimsby Borough (A)

2-1 Att 125 L

14th August 3:00pm Winterton Rangers (H)

1-0 Att 134 W

18th August 7:45pm Garforth Town (H)

3-2 Att 121W

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round Stocksbridge Park Steels (H)

5-2 Att 189 W

31st August 7:45pm Athersley Recreation (A)

Athersley Recreation

31st July 3:00pm Sherwood Colliery (A)

4-0 Att 131L

7th August 3:00pm FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round Campion (A)

1-4 Att 101L

14th August 3:00pm AFC Mansfield (H

) 0-2 Att 75 L

17th August 7:45pm Maltby Main (A)

5-0 Att 125 L

21st August 3:00pm Albion Sports (H

) 3-4 Att 112 L

28th August 3:00pm Albion Sports (A)

2-0 Att 65 L

31st August 3:00pm Handsworth (H)

Armthorpe Welfare

31st July 3:00pm Teversal (A)

0-1 Att 133 W

7th August 3:00pm Nostell Miners Welfare (H)

0-2 Att 73 L

11th August NCEL Cup 1st Round 7:45pm Rainworth MW (H)

3-0 Att 115 W

14th August 3:00pm Shirebrook Town (A)

0-1 Att 78 W

18th August 7:45pm Rainworth MW (H)

1-0 Att 112 W

21st August 3:00pm Rossington Main (A)

1-0 Att 207 L

25th August 7:45pm Brigg Town (H)

2-7 Att 167 L

28th August 3:00pm Hall Road Rangers (A)

0-2 Att 53 W

Dronfield Town FC

31st July 3:00pm FC Humber United (A)

7-1 Att 93 L

7th August 3:00pm Retford FC (H)

0-2 Att 109 L

11th August 7:45pm NCEL League Cup Parkgate (A)

0-0 (Parkgate win 5-4 on penalties) Att 110 L

14th August 3:00pm Harrogate Railway (A)

1-1 Att 110 D

17th August 7:45pm Swallownest (H)

0-2 Att 82 L

21st August 3:00pm Parkgate (A)

4-0 Att 57 L

28th August 3:00pm Worsbrough Bridge Athletic (H)

0-1 Att 123 L

31st August 7:45pm Glasshoughton Welfare (A)

Emley AFC

31st July 3:00pm Winterton Rangers (A)

0-0 Att 154 D

8th August 1:30pm Fa Cup Extra Preliminary round Congleton Town (H)

3-2 Att 323 W

10th August 7:45pm Garforth Town (H)

1-1 Att 196 D

17th August 7:45pm Eccleshill United (H)

1-5 Att 151 L

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round City of Liverpool (A)

2-0 Att 152 L

27th August 7:45pm Penistone Church (H)

2-2 Att 404 D

31st August 7:45pm AFC Mansfield (A)

Maltby Main

31st July 3:00pm Garforth Town (A)

2-1 Att 193 L

7th August 3:00pm Fa Cup Extra Preliminary Round Barton Town (A)

2-3 Att 210 W

10th August 7:45pm Stavley Miners Welfare (H)

1-0 Att 183 W

14th August 3:00pm Eccleshill United (A)

0-4 Att 95 W

17th August 7:45pm Athersley Recreation (H)

5-0 Att 105 W

21st August 3:00pm FA Cup Preliminary Round Carlton Town (A)

1-0 Att 124 L

28th August 3:00pm AFC Mansfield (H)

2-1 Att 78 W

31st August 7:45pm Sherwood Colliery (A)

Parkgate FC 31st July 3:00pm Retford (A)

0-3 Att 170 W

7th August 3:00pm Harrogate Railway (H)

1-1 Att 98 D

11th August 7:45pm League Cup Dronfield Town (H)

0-0 (Parkgate win 5-4 on Penalties) Att 110 W

14th August 3:00pm Swallownest (A)

2-3 Att 110 W

21st August 3:00pm Dronfield Town (H)

4-0 Att 57 W

24th August 7:45pm Worsbrough Bridge Athletic (A)

3-0 Att 179 L

28th August 3:00pm Glasshoughton Welfare (H)

0-0 Att 52

Penistone Church

31st July 3:00pm Eccleshill United (A)

1-1 Att 137 D

7th August 3:00pm FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round Lower Breck (A)

0-0 Att 165 D

11th August 7:45pm FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round Lower Breck (H)

1-2 Att 302 L

14th August 3:00pm Sherwood Colliery (A)

3-1 Att 100 L

17th August 7:45pm AFC Mansfield (A)

2-2 Att 72 D

21st August 3:00pm Silsden AFC (H)

0-2 Att 166 L

27th August 7:45pm Emley AFC (A)

2-2 Att 404 D

Rossington Main

31st July 3:00pm Ollerton Town (H)

4-2 Att 170 W

7th August 3:00pm Selby Town (A)

4-2 Att 260 L

10th August 7:45pm League Cup Teversal (H)

3-2 AET Att 72 W

14th August 3:00pm North Ferriby (H)

1-1 Att 192 D

17th August 7:45pm Hallam (A)

2-5 Att 293 W

21st August 3:00pm Armthorpe Welfare (H)

1-0 Att 207 W

24th August 7:45pm Clipstone (A)

0-2 Att 87 W

28th August 3:00pm Teversal (H) 5-0

Att 114 W


31st July 3:00pm Harrogate Railway (A)

3-0 Att 105 L

14th August 3:00pm Parkgate (H)

2-3 Att 110 L

17th August 7:45pm Dronfield Town (A)

0-2 Att 82 W

21st August 3:00pm Worsbrough Bridge Athletic (H)

1-1 Att 106 D

24th August 7:45pm Glasshoughton Welfare (A)

1-1 Att 100 D

28th August 3:00pm Ollerton Town (H)

1-2 Att 154 L

31st August 7:45pm Selby Town (A)

Worsbrough Bridge Athletic

31st July 3:00pm Hall Road Rangers (A)

0-1 Att 117 W

3rd August 7:45pm FC Humber United (H)

5-2 Att 255 W

14th August 3:00pm Retford FC (A)

3-1 Att 136 L

17th August 7:45pm Harrogate Railway (H)

3-2 Att 96 W

21st August 3:00pm Swallownest (A)

1-1 Att 106 D

24th August 7:45pm Parkgate (H)

3-0 Att 179 W

28th August 3:00pm Dronfield Town (A)

0-1 Att 123 W

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