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Handsworth and Hallam: Thriving Community Phenomena that the Owls and Blades could learn from.

In the city that gave the world football, beneath the looming shadows of the giants that are Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United, lies a vibrant and passionate football scene that is capturing the hearts of locals. This hidden gem is none other than Sheffield's non-league football, a grassroots movement that has continued to evolve and thrive, even in the face of challenging times.

This week, Handsworth and Hallam FC squared off in a Sheffield derby that drew over 500 supporters, underscoring the enduring appeal of non-league football in our region. This midweek spectacle was not an anomaly but rather a testament to the enduring spirit of non-league football in Sheffield.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the world of football, forcing fans to explore alternative avenues for their sporting fix due to restrictions on attending professional games. For supporters of Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United, who were accustomed to the thrills of Championship football, non-league became a refreshing and accessible escape. This seemingly temporary shift in allegiance resulted in a surge in attendance, a vibrant matchday atmosphere, and a much-needed boost in cash flow for our community clubs.

Initially, there was apprehension that this newfound enthusiasm could be fleeting. However, years later Handsworth recently registered their highest attendance since returning to Oliver's Mount, with 517 passionate fans showing up to support their local team. This surge in attendance reaffirms that this Sheffield footballing community is here to stay.

What's truly remarkable is the dedication and hard work of volunteers who power these community clubs. They've taken it upon themselves to enhance the matchday experience for fans while also boosting revenue streams. A prime example of this commitment can be seen in the extensive renovations at Handsworth FC. They've introduced a new pitch side bar and food area, catering to the needs of the growing crowds.

Hallam FC has also been relentless in improving the matchday experience for their community. They've installed a new PA system that keeps fans informed about food and drink outlets, team news, programme details, and they even play a curated playlist featuring the best bands Sheffield has to offer. Furthermore, they've increased the number of food and drink outlets to ensure fans are served swiftly and efficiently. These thoughtful changes demonstrate the potential for professional clubs in Sheffield to learn a thing or two about engaging with their fanbase.

But the commitment doesn't end when the final whistle blows. Local clubs are actively engaging with their communities by providing highlights of their matches and further coverage. Handsworth FC, for instance, offers remarkable footage with viewpoints from GoPro cameras placed behind the goals. This unique perspective provides fans with breathtaking views of some stunning strikes in the NCEL.

The impressive attendance figures and the continuous evolution of our football clubs and their facilities are a testament to the fact that Sheffield's non-league football scene continues to grow stronger with each passing season. If you haven't experienced it yet, we highly recommend attending a local non-league match the next time your professional side is away from home. For the price of a match ticket, program, drink, and food, you'll find yourself with plenty of change from £20. It's an opportunity to embrace the essence of football - the passion, community, and the sheer love for the beautiful game. In Sheffield, non-league football is not just a sport; it's a way of life, and it's here to stay.

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