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How to help Non-League (and yourself) this December!

With tier 3 arrangements being confirmed for Sheffield and South Yorkshire, non-league football’s resumption was delayed further until after the new year. That means the possibility of a festive season without any spectator football in our area becomes a reality and the desperation to fill our Saturday afternoons might even turn towards the dreaded Meadowhall! BUT…fear not, there is another way! Before you consider wasting your time and money inside a soulless dome (We meant Meadowhall but you were right to think of the Madejski, The Riverside, KC Stadium, St Mary’s etc.) we’ve put together this handy article that allows you to kill the following two birds with one stone. (A stone of resentment and jealously of all those in tier 2, that is.) Bird 1) How to help out our non-league clubs finances during time without matches and spectators.

Bird 2) How to sort out your Christmas shopping whilst not having to venture out to those dreaded places known as ‘shops’. Our “Stone” Spending your money on the following superb merchandise for yourself, your friends and your family!

Click on the club name to be directed to their online store.

Armthrope Welfare Armthorpe arguably have the nicest kit in non-league and at £20 it really is a bargain! Their unique sponsor of Marra Falcons looks excellent and is a must for any football fan or kit collector in your life! Their club store can be found at the following link and also features lovely looking polo shirts, mugs and a very smart supporters scarf!

Maltby Main have a merchandise presence online that would rival that of any vendor at Meadowhall. They have an extensive range of merchandise highlighted with this offer here!

Everything you see in the picture can be yours for the tidy sum of £40! What a deal! The football shirt itself is a beauty too (both home and away) and would make a perfect present this Christmas. Our personal favourite is the pennant which looks very smart and is definitely going on our Christmas list!

Hallam FC For the Hallam fan in your life follow the link above to check out their online store. They have a superb range of pin badges, gifts, hats, scarves and more. We love the bucket hats they sell that are handmade from old Hallam football shirts. Great creativity that supported a local crafter as well as the club!

Penistone Church A simple but smart hat design and scarf makes this another favourite of the team. At just £10 each, these are a steal and are available by getting in touch with the club via their twitter account that can be found in the subheading above.

The Briggers club shop has a fantastic range of merchandise for you to choose from. A beauty of a red home shirt alongside retro merchandise makes this shop a great place to pick up some presents! We must give a shout out to the bottle opener (Always useful to have one!) and the match day funds money box as now there is plenty of time to get saving before your next trip to the Pinto Property ground!

Sheffield FC The World’s oldest club has a brilliant range of merchandise for sale to cater for football fans and football historians alike. Their “Bringing order to chaos” branded merchandise is stylish and smart making reference to the historic work the club put in to forming the beautiful game. Another favourite of ours are the two scarves which have a classic feel to them.

Rosso play host to the most beautiful playing surface in the area (In our humble opinion) and their range of sportswear they sell is not too shabby either. From coats, to holdalls, to training wear and more, the Adidas range of Rossington’s merchandise is top quality.

So, there you have it! There is your Christmas shopping sorted and you haven’t even stepped foot inside Primark or bought an overpriced (and oversized) preztl just because you’re bored and wanted to change the topic in your family whatsapp group. Please thank us by sharing this article and making a few purchases to help our clubs with a little bit of income until the glorious days of local non-league return again!

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